Branding Advice for Ambitious Startups

Truth be told, branding can be an expensive initiative. It’s an investment. When done well, it pays for itself over and over again. Smart companies spend considerable time and resources researching, creating, planning and deploying brand initiatives that raise awareness, create emotional connections, build customer loyalty, launch products and grow businesses. We can’t say enough about the importance of building a comprehensive and cohesive brand strategy.
For over twenty years, we have worked on many brand initiatives for companies large and small. For some clients, it means starting from the ground up where we build the brand strategy, brand identity and brand platform that enables a new company or product to successfully compete in a highly competitive market. For others, it may mean refreshing, evolving and activating a brand in new and relevant ways. It is an ongoing effort, a series of experiences and reflection of the value and values being offered. It requires skill and attention. Similar to tending a garden, if well kept — it grows. If neglected — it dies.
So what if you’re a Startup with an innovative new product that needs branding but you your resources are limited? First, it takes thought, courage, and commitment. Second, it does take resources so you’ll need to find them. However, there are ways to maximize the spend and investment.
  1. Prioritize. Be smart and strategic. Think about what is most important at this stage in the company or product lifecycle. Establish the brand goals, take a long-term view and build it out over time. Leverage whatever resources you can and invest first in what yields the most impact. Don’t skimp on the brand strategy, as it is the foundation for all future initiatives.
  2. Be bold. Take some chances. Think about what it will take to capture potential customers, employees and investors. Attract their attention and follow up with meaningful brand experiences that build awareness, relationships and market share. As a young company and new brand  “dare to be different”. Use that differentiation as a competitive advantage.
  3. Evolve. Most brands are in constant flux reacting to new insights, opportunities, market trends and customer input. Brands are dynamic entities that live and breathe, evolve and grow. Embrace change and seize opportunities that make the brand stronger. Brands have momentum. Listen, observe and engage with customers in relevant and meaningful ways.
It helps to build a long-term relationship with branding experts who you trust and are committed to helping your brand succeed. To see some of the ways we’ve helped startups and established companies build their brand experiences visit these case studies.