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PTC Therapeutics is a science-driven, global bio-pharmaceutical company focused on innovative therapies for rare genetic disorders.1

Our challenge was to help PTC Therapeutics launch a first of its kind Patient Initiated Testing Program to the Cerebral Palsy (CP) community and providing them with the opportunity to order genetic testing directly from home. Up to 30% of patients with CP symptoms have some genetic basis, and some of those origins may have treatments available. Our goal was to educate and empower caregivers to seek better answers to their loved-one’s diagnosis, especially if their child has CP with unknown cause.


We developed a brand identity and campaign that provided education about the importance of early diagnosis and Patient Initiated Genetic Testing for those who qualify. Messaging was further enhanced by emphasizing the ease and convenience of having the test sent directly to a patient’s home. The PTC Pinpoint Direct campaign included emails for patients and HCPs, banner ads and flyers that educated (or informed) caregivers about the program and how to qualify for no-cost testing.

PTC Therapeutics

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Foster & Create (F&C) is my go-to partner when developing new and innovative programs. Their experienced team provide a level of strategic and creative pull through that is unparalleled. Additionally, their ability to look at the full picture, while addressing every detail, ensures that the deliverable is of the highest quality.

Marie Muniz, Senior Director, US Marketing – Gene Therapy, PTC Therapeutics

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