Aegerion Pharmaceuticals

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Aegerion Pharmaceuticals needed a microsite that introduced HCPs to Juxtapid®. Juxtapid, made by Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, is a prescription medicine used, with other cholesterol-lowering therapies and a low-fat diet, in adults with HoFH to reduce LDL cholesterol. Our challenge was to design a microsite that provides resources and support for HCPs to start patients on Juxtapid.


In collaboration with the marketing team at Aegerion, we created a simple, user-friendly microsite that combined key information, strategic links, and an easy way to contact an Aegerion representative to learn more about Juxtapid and HoFH.

Aegerion Pharmaceuticals

Disease / Therapy
Homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia
(HoFH) / Juxtapid

HCP Communications

When developing digital communication solutions
for healthcare providers—we focus on creating clear,
relevant, user-friendly experiences.

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